Our Story

I was at a NY Yankees game with my wife, deciding on what we wanted to buy to snack on.

I wondered why baseball stadiums did not sell pretzel rods. I couldn’t think of anyone that does not enjoy pretzel rods and that baseball stadiums sell potato chips, peanuts, popcorn, nachos and many other snacks, but not pretzel rods. This started the idea rolling.

At the time, I was working full time with part of my job discussing advertising/marketing campaigns with an outside agency. I discussed my pretzel rod idea with them and asked them for suggestions. Paul Cote & Mike Tobin from that agency and I came up with the name “Salty Sluggers”.

After being downsized from my full time job, I concentrated full time on making Salty Sluggers a reality. I once again contacted Paul & Mike to create an image for Salty Sluggers. I wanted the infield logo to be on the box and Mike created the final image.

The journey continued with contacting pretzel manufacturers, companies to repackage,
and freight companies to distribute Salty Sluggers. After several months, I was able to
produce samples to provide to baseball stadiums and many teams began to show interest.

The product will be nine pretzel rods (One for Each Inning) packaged in a sealed bag and then into a sturdy box. The box helps to reduce breakage and is easily stacked, very viewable around stadiums with a great image.

I hope fans at all baseball stadiums will now enjoy having Salty Sluggers available while cheering on their favorite baseball team!

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